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- Team will be without college player
- Netting: Netting relies on nets to catch fish
- Middlebury College hosted the first large
- I have such a hard time finding
- Wool gloves and the gloves are very suitable

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Nothing is going to stop us. We're a young team and that might work to our advantage. The five teams yusnwencsd10/4 will play a roundrobin tournament from Wednesday through early Sunday afternoon. After that, the fourth and fifthplace teams will play, then that winner will play the thirdplace squad, followed by the top two finishers playing for the championship. Team will be without college player of the year Keilani Ricketts.

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- Netting: Netting relies on nets to catch fish

- Middlebury College hosted the first large

- I have such a hard time finding

- Wool gloves and the gloves are very suitable

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